About Me

For those of you that DON’T know me… HI, I’m Lelia.  I’m a working mom, a clinical researcher by day, a catering chef by random nights & weekends, a total spaz, an entrepreneur and obviously – vegan!  Although I’m a total nerd by my day trade (neurology clinical  research) and education (chemistry 🤓)… my passion is in the kitchen!  I have a tendency to WING IT or  “cook from the heart”.   After a few years of pleading from dinner guests and friends, I’m capturing the methods to my madness to share with you all.

Some of these recipes will be Whole Foods Plant Based (the BEST way to eat!) and some… well, hey… TREAT YOURSELF!  But ALL of them will be PRACTICAL or easily adaptable to feed those little mouths too!  

I realize it can be daunting to transition into veganism with no time to spare and a whole houseful or hungry mouths!  My recipes have been tried and tested not only by myself, but also by my adorable 5 year old son Ethan, my beautiful future step-daughter, Rylee… and my (brutally honest) human garbage disposal & love of my life, Carey.  (And when in doubt… by my non-vegan and vegan extended family members and friends too!)  SO… from our family to yours… ENJOY!!!

Thank you for following my creations.


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